First Quarter Discussion Forum



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Join us for the inaugural Yoga for Better Health Discussion Forum.

Tuesday Jan 12, 2021 9pm GMT, 4pm EST, 1pm PST

Wed Jan 13, 2021 8am AEDT

The theme for our 1st quarter discussion is Collaboration:

I believe collaboration is a cornerstone for our innovation and growth in our field.

It was this belief that led me to create YogaMate and the Global Yoga Therapy Day. The belief that we’re collectively stronger, than any of us on our own; and that we all have opinions worth sharing.

I find I’m motivated into action when I engage with the yoga therapy community and suspect I’m not alone.

My vision is to host a quarterly forum to collectively and collaboratively discuss & share ideas about how best to expand the field for yoga therapists.

I certainly have my own thoughts – and I know you do, too.

This is the place to openly share and meet colleagues the world over who feel the same.

Though I (Ann Marie – Yoga for Better Health) will host the forum; it is YOUR platform, not mine.

We will start with the theme ‘Collaboration’ and see what theme the group wishes to discuss in second quarter.


The Format:

> A one hour meeting, capped at 100 participants.

> We’ll meet collectively for the first 10 minutes, then move into break out rooms to discuss the forum’s theme of ‘Collaboration’.

> I’ll have a questions for prompts 

> After 35 minutes small group discussion, we will come back together again for the last 15-20 minutes to openly share and discuss our key findings. This is an opportunity to hear thoughts from colleagues the world over.

> We’ll take notes and write a blog recap for all who couldn’t join in.

Please note that to encourage the opening sharing of ideas, I will not record the forum discussions. So, if you are interested in what’s discussed, make sure to be there – first in, best dressed 🙂



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