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Yoga can be therapeutic...
but not all practices are right for every one

67% of Yoga Professionals aren’t confident when a student presents with a chronic health concern or injury;

yet 2 of 3 people report they currently have a health challenge that impacts their enjoyment of every day life*.


And as a yoga professional, it’s your responsibility to keep your students and clients safe.


* As found in the Safe Yoga for Everybody Global Survey of 1357 individuals, conducted July 2019.

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Hypertension, cancer, anxiety...
As a yoga professional, you know the healing power of yoga. 

You also know some
 yogic practices can exacerbate health concerns and even cause serious harm.
It's up to you to choose the right practices for the individual.

Created to help you do just that, Yoga Therapeutics Pro (YTP) brings the
 therapeutic applications and cautions for 400+ of the most popular yogic practices (across the eight limbs) to your fingertips.

With over 1000 images providing modifications for the most popular yogic practices; you'll have the knowledge at your fingertips to keep them safer.

Brought to you by Yoga for Better Health, YTP provides a trusted resource that gives confidence to your teaching.

Keep your students & clients safer. 

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    As seen in

    Yogic Practices

    Health Concerns

    Learn about Yoga's
    Therapeutic Application

    Search the evidence based benefits and therapeutic applications for more than 400 different Yogic practices (including postures, breath work, meditations & relaxation as well as yogic philosophy).

    Learn which practices are cautioned for
    Health Concerns & Injuries

    Lightning quick access into which practices are cautioned, vs. potentially therapeutically beneficial for 100+ of the most common health concerns your clients and students present with. Keep them safer in their practice.

    Trusted knowledge at your fingertips
    Learn the Way You Like

    Search practices in English or Sanskrit, by specific health concerns or drill down by category / focus. Plus, extend your knowledge with access to some of YogaMate's best professional development webinars on Yoga Therapy.

    Yoga Should Be Accessible to All

    Everyone deserves access to this wisdom. YogaMate & Yoga Therapeutics Pro hope to shift western misperception that Yoga = asana (physical postures). If you can breathe you can practice Yoga.

    Yoga Therapeutics Pro                
    • Keep your clients safer

    • Quick search access to common injuries and health concerns

    • Learn more about the therapeutic application of various Yogic practices

    • Empowered teaching

    Therapeutic Application
    Quickly search for the practices that are therapeutically beneficial for over 100 of the most common health concerns
    Learn more about Yoga's Therapeutic Benefits
    Evidence-informed knowledge of the safe and therapeutic application of yoga. Empower your teaching, empower your students.
    Know which Yogic practices to avoid
    Not all practices are safe for every body. Keep your clients and students safer in their practice
    Learn from the best
    Curated resources for serious Yoga Professionals

    Access YogaMate’s library of articles and knowledge provided by some of Yoga Therapy's best therapists; plus six of YogaMate’s top webinars

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    The Data Behind Our Library of Practices
    Websites, research papers, books and over 1,000 hours of direct work (& a life time of knowledge from many contributors) went into the our Yogic Practices library.
    (Below are just a few of the many resources consulted)
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    Other Key Resources Consulted:
    • A Physiological Handbook for Teachers of Yogasana (Robins)
    • PubMed