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Burned Out,
Mentally Challenged,
Sleep Deprived

(& Moving On ?) 

Addressing the Healthcare Employee Crisis

  • Burnout and mental health challenge was already at a crisis level pre-pandemic… 

  • 91% of physicians report burnout at some point during their career; suicide rates more than double that of the general population (1, 2)

  • 51% of people report worse mental health at work since COVID-19 started and 30% of employees report being fearful that disclosure of mental health could lead to being fired or furloughed (3)

  • 40% of individuals are sleep deprived (4)

  • Nearly half say they are considering quitting their jobs (5)
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Working with proactive healthcare organizations

Taking care of those who take care

Emotional exhaustion and depression result in lower professional effectiveness – meaning worse outcomes for patients (Physician burnout is at least equally responsible for medical errors as unsafe medical workplace conditions(1)) and 1 in 3 physicians feel like they have made mistakes at work(2)

Providing accessible mental health & well-being solutions that address stress and increase self-care for our frontline heroes can help improve outcomes - for your staff and for their patients.

Yoga and meditation have shown remarkable potential to serve as a practical behavioral self-care strategy for both disease prevention and therapy, as well as the promotion of overall well-being.

Yoga for Better Health partners with proactive healthcare organizations to deliver yoga therapy well-being programs that are effective, safe, accessible and therapeutic. 

Each program is bookended by research; starting with a benchmark of your organizational health; delivery of the 12- week therapeutic yoga program delivered by our highly trained yoga therapists and concluding with a report on the health & economic impact and benefits to your organization.

1 Med.standford.edu - Medical errors may stem more from physician burnout
2 Berxi October 2020 Survey of Healthcare Workers
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Health & Resiliency

Yoga is an integrative systemic approach to health that uses the mind to effect changes in the body and vice versa. Therapeutic applications of yoga address the full biopsychosocial spectrum: the physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual aspects of the person. Research points to “clear physiological, psychological and philosophical reasons for yoga’s efficacy in promoting mental wellbeing and enhanced resiliency. Our 12-week program incorporates mindful movement, breath practices, relaxation, meditation, and awareness/insight development using yoga philosophy. Each session includes a theme aimed at building resilience and inner awareness/ insight.

Stress & Burnout

Even during training, medical students and healthcare professionals must cope with heavy workloads and high stress levels in a competitive environment, High levels of work-related stress are associated with reduced productivity and with work absence. Ongoing high stress facilitates the onset of burnout. In contrast, employees with a sense of well-being are more likely to be engaged in their work, productive, and can respond effectively to change and increased demands. According to the NIH, yoga helps manage stress, improves resilience and mental well being, promotes healthy eating and activity habits, encourages better sleeping habits, and increases balance. Our therapeutic yoga program lowers stress and burnout and increases well-being.

About the Program

Building the Research Base for Yoga

With each program we run, we benchmark overall organizational health before and after our program. The pilot of our program is launching soon.

Hear the Results from Our Study

In mid-2021, YBH is running a pilot program of our therapeutic yoga program for healthcare workers. We're looking at perceived stress, mental health, quality of life and burnout. Register below if you'd like to hear about the findings.

Want to Experience the Program for Yourself?

We will be launching the pilot of our Yoga Therapy Wellbeing program at the upcoming Global Yoga Therapy Day. Experience the program in our Community Session or visit our Exhibitor Booth to have us run the program at your organization.

Yoga for Better Health provides safe, accessible, therapeutic wellness programs that address the burnout & mental health crisis facing our healthcare systems & their employees.

In addition to our customized wellbeing programs, we also create awareness of and demand for yoga therapists through events like the Global Yoga Therapy Day* (Online, Aug 13-15, 2021) and our free app, Yoga for Better Health.