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Yoga has the power to transform lives and change the world.

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If you can can breathe, you can practice Yoga

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Yoga should be accessible to all...

"I believe Yoga has the power the transform lives and change the world.
If you can breathe you can practice Yoga.
Yoga should be accessible to everyone.
 Yoga makes life better.
 It is my privilege to share Yoga."

Ann Marie Johnston
YogaMate's Founder
It began with a simple idea from a meditation. Create a tool that would allow teachers to quickly plan out their practice / protocol and allow them to easily share their knowledge to empower their students / clients home practice.

Having come from a breath-centred and meditative home practice, that had helped transform a lifetime of health challenges; the focus had to be therapeutically minded.

Add in a team of experts, collaborations with associations like the IAYT (International Association of Yoga Therapists) plus a few years, and the YogaMate ecosystem has expanded to include marketing programs, professional development webinars and resources aimed to assist serious Yoga professionals make more impact.

With the release of Yoga Therapeutics Pro and Yoga for Better Health apps, we're looking towards increasing the public's understanding and awareness of the myriad of ways Yoga can be shared safely, mindfully and therapeutically.

Marketing & Professional Development Tools & Resources for Serious Yoga Professionals

Created for Serious Yoga Professionals, YogaMate Pro provides the knowledge, tools and resources that Yoga Professionals need to make more impact, better connect, empower their students and clients and ultimately make a sustainable career serving the world, sharing Yoga.

Practice Creation Tools

Create and share digital or printed sequences and protocols to empower your student's home practice

Marketing Programs

Strategize for success and Continuing the Journey group marketing programs help serious yoga professionals stand out and create more impact with their efforts

Directory of Specialists

Connect and be found by individual's seeking qualified Yoga Specialists & Therapists in our Yoga for Better Health app

Educational Webinars

25+ Professional Development webinars across yoga therapy research, case studies and marketing support; packaged together with subscriptions to YogaMate Pro

Yoga Therapeutics Pro

Quickly access the cautions and considerations for 100+ health concerns and 350+ yogic practices

Yoga for Better Health

Available for free on Apple and Android, Yoga for Better Health expands public understanding of the depth & breadth of yoga and yoga therapy


Our public interfacing site, YogaMate.org provides educational tools and resources for Yoga Professionals, Healthcare Providers and the community to learn more about the depth, breadth and therapeutic applications of Yoga.

Dive deeper into the poses, benefits and considerations for how Yoga can be applied for individuals with a range of health challenges.

Want to know more?

Have questions about YogaMate, Yoga Therapeutics Pro, Yoga for Better Health and/or the Global Yoga Therapy Day (or simply want to partner with us)? Reach out, we'd love to hear from you.