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Yoga for Better Health -
For Yoga Professionals 


Yoga for Better Health is on a mission to create better health & well-being through yoga.

We support yoga professionals in a number of ways.

Yoga heals, but not all yoga is therapeutically beneficial for individuals with health concerns. If you're a yoga professional, it's up to you to keep them safe. 

Our app 'Yoga for Better Health Pro' (previously called Yoga Therapeutics Pro), was created to help yoga professionals keep their students safer. Search more than 100 common health challenges and quickly discern which practices to avoid, and which may be therapeutically beneficial. Includes over 1000 images depicting modifications and variations; including props, chair & restorative yoga practices.
Opportunities to get involved as a yoga therapist

Launching in August 2021, Yoga for Better Health will be piloting a yoga therapy well-being program at a large US healthcare system.  We'll also be launching a pilot program for healthcare individuals. 

Our intentions are to launch this program fully in 2022. If you are interested in learning more and supporting our frontline workers in need of care we encourage you to read about what we're getting up to, and contact us if you'd like to know more about how you can get involved.

If you're a yoga therapist, you know the challenge of educating the public about yoga therapy. 

This 'Strategize for Success' On-Demand course came out of a need that YBH Founder, Ann Marie Johnston saw in the field, after noticing a lack of understanding around foundational elements of marketing strategy every small business owner needs to understand.. 

This four-module on-demand program was developed specifically to fill the knowledge gap and help yoga therapists make more impact and achieve greater success sharing yoga therapy.

Our 'Safer in Your Yoga Practice' white paper, paints a very clear picture of why people - particularly those with an underlying health challenge - should work with a qualified yoga therapist.

Download the white paper and share it with potential clients and create referrals from other healthcare professionals.

Join your colleagues around the world and be better found for your expertise as a yoga professional specializing in using yoga to create better health & well-being. Featured on both the Yoga for Better Health website directory and within our free app, Yoga for Better Health.

Whether you offer yoga therapy sessions online or in-person group 
classes; through your local hospital or in a private clinic, you'll be better found by the right individuals seeking qualified yoga professionals trained to work with individuals with health concerns.

Join us each quarter as we delve into a topic relevant to yoga therapist and the field of yoga therapy.

Recent topics have included getting yoga therapy into healthcare; how to find a common goal and better collaborate across the diversity of our field and discussions around how to best market this burgeoning industry.

Complimentary access; however you'll need to be on our newsletter to find out when our next discussion forum is happening! 

Be an integral part of the 2021 Global Yoga Therapy Conference.

If you're a C-IAYT working in the following areas, we encourage you to submit to present a 50 minute experiential session during the conference.

Deadline for Submission is Monday, June 21, 2021.

Join us August 13-15 (US) / Aug 14-16 (Asia / Australia) for the 2021 Global Yoga Therapy Conference.

A three day conference for healthcare & yoga professionals and individuals wanting to better understand how yoga therapy can be a holistic practice to help create better health & wellbeing.

Featuring over 80 doctors, researchers and yoga therapists; including Dr. Dean Ornish, Dr Sara Lazar, Dr. Ananda Bhavanani, Dr. Shirley Telles and so many more!