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Partners & Investor Interest

We are facing an epidemic. A 2019 research study showed 67% of people report suffering from a mental health challenge, chronic pain, or lifestyle health challenge. The impact of COVID-19 has further compounded these problems.

The public is craving ‘alternative’ integrated health care options, and there is mounting research championing yoga as a popular and effective modality for helping individuals with a myriad of health challenges. Yoga is presently one of the top ten complementary and integrative health approaches used by adults in the United States and the industry is forecasted to be worth $66.2 billion by 2027.

There is a misperception that you need to be young, thin and healthy to practice yoga. In fact, whether you’re in a wheelchair, hospital bed, or able bodied; whether you’re 93 or 13; yogic practices including breathwork and meditation can be used to powerfully enhance your life.

YogaMate’s mission is to empower people in their journey towards better health and well-being with the provision of and access to accessible, therapeutic yogic tools, practices and specialists.

Yoga therapists and specialists use yoga as both a preventative health discipline as well as a powerful adjunctive therapy for all manners of non-communicable diseases, chronic pain and mental health challenges.

These individuals offer one to one and group therapeutic classes in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and in rehab; and since COVID-19; they are offering their services more and more online.

With the barrier to accessing healthcare online lowering; YogaMate’s plans are to build access to real-time therapeutic yoga classes into our global directory of therapists and specialists.

Over the next few months we will create and test an MVP to confirm the appetite for the delivery and efficacy of real-time therapeutic yoga classes, by offering a 6-week program that brings therapeutic yoga to healthcare workers in Australia, the US and the UK.

I am looking for partners and investors who believe in this mission of helping to make therapeutic yoga accessible to the world.

Together we can make more impact in this time of great need.

For an investor pitch deck or to discuss a partnership opportunity, please reach out to me at annmarie @ yogamatepro.com

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