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Global Discussion Forum: How I Got Yoga Therapy Into This Healthcare System

In this global discussion, five yoga therapists who have worked in the US, Australia and India share their personal key learnings, challenges and successes in integrating yoga therapy into healthcare.


On July 29th 2021, the topic of discussion: ‘How I got Yoga Therapy into this Healthcare System’ was moderated by Ann Marie Johnston, Director Yoga for Better Health & Founder Global Yoga Therapy Day.

Yoga therapists were invited to come and listen and, if they wished, join in the discussion. Those that chose to share are listed below:

  • Susan Kilda (INOVA),
  • Tina Paul (Memorial Sloan Kettering),
  • Kendra Boone (Social prescribing AUS),
  • Vicki Oliver (RN & Yoga Therapist – Australia for a small regional community) and
  • Heena Bhat (Ayurvedic Yoga Therapist)

What we heard?
You need to be a squeaky wheel, follow the funding, make smart connections, gain their buy in through experiences, speak their language, share the evidence base

Enjoy the Replay – Available freely for 7 days!

About the Global Discussion Forum:

Meant to be fluid, totally interactive, educational and fun – Yoga for Better Health Global Discussions Forums are a community networking and educational opportunity free to yoga therapists, yoga teachers and healthcare professionals looking to integrate yoga & yoga therapy into their offering.

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  • Watch the Webinar: Research Literacy for Yoga Therapists
  • Watch the Webinar: Research Literacy for Yoga Therapists
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