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An App for the Global Community - Championing Yoga Therapy

It's great to upskill Yoga Teachers about Yoga's Therapeutic benefits (& to help teachers better keep their students safe) - like our Yoga Therapeutics Pro app does; but it's also important to help promote the field of Yoga Therapy and connect the public with qualified teachers. And that's why we're launching a second (free) app for the community. We know there is a wealth of knowledge in the community and we want to harness that knowledge to ensure the very best information is received by the global community. We're looking to you - the YogaMate community - to play a big part in this effort.

Yoga Therapeutics Pro Launch

March 2019

Step 1 of the vision is complete: Creating an app for Yoga Professionals and launch to the YogaMate Community Initial Beta testing gave us feedback on the functionality of the app interface. The process also further cemented the importance of providing a voice for the Yoga Therapy community to contribute to knowledge base that supports these apps. This is where you come in!

Review & Contribute

Call for Interest

In June 2019, YogaMate will launch our second app - a free app developed for the public app. This app will feature yogic practices across the full Yogic Toolbox - from philosophy to breathwork and meditation (as well as asana). The app will also include a directory of Yoga Specialists & Therapists, helping the public connect with individuals based on their areas of expertise.

Improve & Enhance

Collaborative Effort

We aim to help combat the public's misperception that Yoga = Asana. The public app will include more Yogic Philosophy, more Meditations, more Breathwork. We'd also like to create more diverse & therapeutic imagery. People need to understand that if you can breath you can practice Yoga. And when we consider the many different lineages, research and lifetimes of experiential knowledge; how can we present the best, evidence-informed knowledge? We're leaning to the experts in the community to help us enhance our data.

Launch Our (Free) Public App

Reaching the global community

If you can breathe, you can practice Yoga. Our public app will help share this message and champion Yoga Therapy. The app will (freely) share YogaMate's full Yogic Practices Library and expand public understanding of the depth, breadth and therapeutic applications of Yoga. It will also connect the public with a global directory of Yoga Therapists & Specialists around the world with the ability to search by areas of expertise.

Global Yoga Therapy Event

Championing Yoga Therapy

On August 14, 2019; about 8 weeks after the public app goes live, YogaMate will host a global event promoting the field of Yoga Therapy and the Yoga Therapists & Specialists of the YogaMate community. Any Yoga Therapist or Specialist can choose to get involved: If you're interested in learning more, register your interest at bit.ly/YMGlobaEvent Full details coming soon!

Contribute your knowledge

Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much (Helen Keller). Here at YogaMate, we believe in the knowledge of the collective. Help us improve the knowledge that sits behind our apps (before) we launch our public app.

YogaMate's Second App: For the Global Public

Expanding the public's understanding of the depth, breadth and therapeutic applications of Yoga; connecting the public with qualified Yoga Therapists & Specialists

Global Yoga Therapy Event
About six weeks after the launch of our public event (ETA - Aug), YogaMate will be hosting a global event championing Yoga Therapy.
The event will be promoted through YogaMate's apps, website and through our rockstar PR connections to both global and local communities.
We hope you're as excited as we are!
Click here to find out more & Register your interest!