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Yoga For Better Health's Directory of Yoga Therapists

Yoga for Better Health supports individuals in their journey towards better health and well-being through the provision & access to yoga therapists and therapeutic yoga.

Join thousands of your colleagues around the world and be better found for your expertise as a y
oga therapists or specialists; connecting with individuals most in need of your services.

Whether you offer yoga therapy sessions online or in-person group 
classes; through your local hospital or in a private clinic, you'll be better found by the right individuals seeking qualified yoga professionals trained to work with individuals with health concerns.
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Directory listing on YogaBetterHealth.com and Yoga Better Health app Available to 500+ hr Yoga Teacher Specialists & Yoga Therapists* Choose up to six keywords that you specialize in (i.e., Anxiety, Mental Health) Detail your qualifications, if you teach online and connect your socials

* Licensed healthcare professionals with 200+ hours accepted