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Evidence-based, Accessible, Therapeutic Yoga

Expanding Public Understanding

Yoga has the power to profoundly transform lives and change the world.

Empowering Better Health

Helping the world understand that yoga is for *every* body. if you can can breathe, you can practice yoga.

Safe(r), Therapeutic Yoga

Our vision is to make make safe, therapeutic, accessible yoga available to individuals across the world

I Believe

Yoga has the power to transform lives and change the world (one life at a time). If you can breathe, you can practice yoga; and this knowledge should be made accessible to all. Yoga has made my life better and I consider it my privilege to share yoga with others.

Ann Marie Johnston
Founder: Yoga for Better Health& Global Yoga Therapy Day
About Yoga for Better Health (Previously, YogaMate)

My breath-centered, meditation focused home yoga practice transformed a lifetime of personal health challenges, including a long history of depression. It led me to do a 500hr training in yoga (for personal growth). I completed my year's training knowing it would be negligent to not share my new-found knowledge. 

But as a young teacher I found that: 
  • My students only really thought of yoga as a physical practice; and
  • They lacked confidence in practicing from home

I also found that
  • I lacked confidence when students with medical challenges or injuries presented in class; and
  • My ability to create impact was limited to the number of students I could see each week

And so, the idea for YogaMate (now Yoga for Better Health) was born. 

My intention was two fold: 
  • Expand public awareness of yoga beyond the physical practice with a heavy emphasis on yoga's therapeutic benefits; and 
  • Provide tools and support for yoga teachers and therapists to strengthen connections and better support their students and clients home practice

I connected with a global team of experts, developed collaborations with associations like the International Association of Yoga Therapists and iRest, and over the ensuing years our ecosystem has expanded to include marketing support, professional development webinars and resources, two apps, discussion forums and the Global Yoga Therapy Day initiative.

Whether you're a yoga professional (deep bow of gratitude for the work you do in this world) or a member of the public - I am blessed to serve and support the world through this life-transforming work. Thank you for being here and feel free to reach out with thoughts or questions.
Our History

Yoga for Better Health (previously YogaMate) is a global digital healthcare platform providing tools and services that strengthen connections between yoga therapists & specialist & their clients;
delivering evidence-informed knowledge and protocols that support  individuals to feel more empowered in their journey towards better health and well-being.

We’ve come a long way since our humble beginnings and have immense gratitude to the 60+ Yoga Therapists who originally collaborated with and shared their knowledge.

Idea | Research | Development

Looking for resources that would support her teaching, keep students safer and empower home practice; Ann Marie Johnston (YBH Founder) conceived the idea of digitally connecting students & teachers


Beta Testing & Official Launch

Helping combat the misperception of Yoga = Asana; Our first website, we beta launch in conjunction with the International Association of Yoga Therapist's 2016 SYTAR conference.

2017 & '18

Launch of Webinar & Marketing Programs

Enhancing professional development, connection, and community amongst Yoga specialists, YogaMate launches a series of webinars and marketing programs at SYTAR 2017


Launch of apps & the Global Yoga Therapy Day

YBH launches two apps (one for professionals and one for the public). The public app launches in conjunction with the inaugural Global Yoga Therapy Day. Apps can be found in Apple & Google Play Stores


Rebrand to Yoga for Better Health

Investing in the development of a new, cohesive website; YogaMate rebrands as Yoga for Better Health. YBH continues to support the GYTD 2020, featuring a 24 hour live summit around the world


Making therapeutic yoga more accessible online

Expanding our collaborations, YBH is moving into research & supporting bridging yoga therapy & healthcare; plus launching discussion forums and live marketing Q&A calls

  • Evidence-based, accessible, therapeutic yoga

    Our Vision

    Yoga for Better Health provides practical, accessible tools & resources that empower individuals across the world to take their health & well-being into their own hands.

  • Evidence-bsaed, accessible therapeutic accessible to everyone

    Our Mission

    We empower people in their journey towards better health and well-being with the provision of, and access to, accessible therapeutic yogic tools, practices and specialists. We also support yoga professionals, researchers and organizations strengthen connections to bring therapeutic yoga to every one.

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