Professional Resources
On Monday we held a Zoom call for opportunities to get involved with the global delivery of Yoga Therapy.

If you missed the opportunities, read on for how you can still get involved.

Applications deadline is Dec 18th.

Opportunity #1: Volunteering for the GYTD Community Outreach Initiative:


‘Community Outreach Coordinators’ (point persons to engage yoga therapists & specialists in their community to get involved in their own outreach efforts for the week of August 16-20th).

> Marketing/design support

> Project Manager to oversee coordinators 

Here I’m looking for geographical diversity in volunteers –  In total; I hope to identify ~4 volunteers to help in this outreach effort. 

Time Commitment: (Role dependant – but anticipate ~2-4 hours week; flexible to your schedule)
Starting Feb 1, 2021 through Sept 1, 2021

Learn more and apply here


Opportunity #2: Internship with Yoga for Better Health (YogaMate)

Work with YogaMate (Yoga for Better Health):

Seeking individuals interested in:
> Marketing support (particularly digital / social media)
> Program delivery (research project and community discussion forums)
> Big picture strategy/execution

I anticipate both junior and senior experience to apply depending on the role (looking for 3-4 people). You do not need to be a C-IAYT (but great if you are) – you may even still be studying.

Note: I’ve chosen the word ‘internship’; but what I’m really seeking are people who are interested in becoming an integral part of my team. I know how important personality and fit are; and this ‘internship period’ gives us both the chance to work together to see if we’re right together for a long term fit into YogaMate. Future opportunities may look like a part time, full time or possibly even equity interest in YogaMate, depending on the fit and our long term mutual interests and aspirations.

Initial Time Commitment: (~6-8 hours week; flexible to your schedule)
Starting Feb 1, 2021 through Sept 24, 2021

Learn more and apply here


Professional Resources

It’s an end of an era – (well, to some degree!)

After long hard consideration, we’ve decided to turn off our website YogaMate.org

After having spent the better part of 2 years building the site, 4 years running it and over 6 figures spent developing it; it’s certainly not a decision that comes (at all) lightly. 

But, as everyone knows – 2020 has changed most everything. The needs of the world are a bit different today than what they were when I originally conceived of YogaMate in 2014.

Are you also having to pivot?

If you’re needing to overhaul your business (or if you’re just getting started) – now might be the ideal time to work on your marketing strategy. Join me in my program Strategize for Success starting Feb 1. I’ll help you avoid the mistakes I’ve learned the hard way…

All is certainly not a loss  for YogaMate. I’m excited to advise, we’re not going anywhere… we’re just shifting over to our new website: YogaBetterHealth.com

Managing 4 websites – as I’ve done for the past couple years – is not the best use of anyone’s resources or time. While I created multiple sites for good reasons (namely bad coding on YogaMate.org which made that custom-built site nearly impossible to enhance) it’s definitely time to consolidate YogaMate.org; YogaMatePro.com and YogaBetterHealth.com into the one site. (GlobalYogaTherapyDay.com will remain on its own).

Many (though not all) of YogaMate’s assets will be brought across to this website over the next month or two.  More details on this in the coming weeks ahead.

Please note that, as part of this decision, we will also move away from using the name YogaMate. 🙁

Whilst that’s a tiny bit sad; it’s the right choice in the long run. The name ‘mate’ here in Australia means ‘friend’, but that meaning didn’t necessarily translate the same around the world; and it’s a smarter marketing decision to focus on one brand rather than many. Sometimes, it’s better to let go for the sake of the long term vision.

While some things will change, and not all of YogaMate.org’s assets will carry through initially (our Practice Creation tool, being one of them); I can confidently inform, our focus remains on championing therapeutic yoga and yoga therapy. 🙂

I’ll also still be offering both Strategize for Success and Growth Mindset Live Group Coaching – the marketing programs for yoga therapists & specialists that I’ve run over the past 3 years.

We’ve also got a few new offerings in store for you, including our new Global Discussion Forum and mid-month Q&A / Accountability calls that have been added in to our monthly group marketing program.

We’re also working on a collaborative research project which we hope to deploy in early 2021 and big plans for the Global Yoga Therapy Day Community Outreach Initiative.

So strap in and stay tuned, we anticipate big things for 2021!

And if you’re at a point where you realise that something must change for your own business, and you’re looking for some strategic guidance to do it smartly; please consider joining in our upcoming Strategize for Success Program Jan 25th; or grabbing a Platinum Subscription to really commit to building your business in 2021.