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Effective, Accessible, Therapeutic Yoga

When customized to your personal needs, yoga can create better health and well-being.

Work with a trained yoga therapist if you have a health challenge or want to see marked improvement in your well-being.
Proud Host of the GYTD Conference

Yoga Should Be Accessible to All

Yoga for Better Health believes everyone deserves access to this wisdom and it's our aim to help people, no matter their health challenges or circumstances, to access yogic and meditation practices that can help. We offer therapeutic yoga apps and programs that support better health and well-being.

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Helping to address the healthcare employee crisis


Pre-COVID-19, our healthcare employees were already facing a mental health and well-being epidemic. 

Even during training, medical students and healthcare professionals must cope with heavy workloads and high stress levels in a highly competitive environment. 

High levels of work-related stress are associated with reduced productivity & work absence, with ongoing high stress facilitating the onset of burnout.

With 91% of physicians reporting burnout at some point during their career and suicide rates more than double that of the general population; we need to support our frontline heroes.

Yoga and meditation have shown remarkable potential to serve as a practical behavioral self-care strategy for both disease prevention and therapy, as well as the promotion of overall well-being.

Yoga for Better Health provides accessible, effective mental health & well-being programs that address stress burnout for healthcare employees.

Accessible, Safe, Therapeutic Yoga for Every Body

Yoga should be accessible to all. But much of what you find online showcases intense physical practices not accessible to many people.

The Yoga for Better Health app was created to share safe(r) yoga practices for the beginner to advanced student, together with the breadth and therapeutic benefits of yoga.

Discover over 300 of yoga’s safest practices, together with the benefits, cautions and therapeutic applications of each.

Beautiful photography showcases different ways you can modify or vary poses and practices to make yoga more accessible and better suited for your personal needs.

Enjoy educational videos from some of the world’s leading experts in yoga therapy and access a directory of yoga therapists qualified to work with individuals with health challenges.

    Created for Yoga Professionals

    When you’re about to teach a class and a new student present with a health concern or injury, are you confident in how to keep them safe?

    Did you know that some practices can create more harm than good? For instance, if your student has a history of stroke or glaucoma, the wrong inversion can put them at serious risk of injury.

    2 in 3 yoga teachers inform they aren’t confident when a student presents with a health concern or injury.  

    Yet it’s your responsiblity to keep them safe.

    Developed to help you quickly discern which yogic practices you might need to avoid (and which might be beneficial) when a student presents with a health challenge. 

    Dive deep into the full ins and outs of over 400 of yoga’s most common practices; explore the benefits, therapeutic application and concerns along with the description of how to safely practice and modifications and variations you may wish to try instead.

    Delve into over 100 of the most common health concerns to quickly be guided towards safe practices and those you should avoid.  

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